Principal’s Desk/Message

[ MA, M.ED , LLB,

Principal's Message

MR. G. S RAWAT [ MA, M.ED , LLB, & PG(IR &PM) ]

Definitely, you are looking for a school that can provide a quality education with real happiness. You must know as much as possible about the school, faculty and academic excellence.

A little critical analysis will lead you to “Bal Bharati – A School with a difference” which has a genuine commitment to meet and understand the needs of your child.

Bal Bharati Welcome you

Realization of an individual potential is one of the basic aim of education. Positive attitudes, self esteem, self image, goal setting and values are intrinsic in the process of development.

Happiness is the onhy ultimate aim of every human being and hence it is equally important to know and remember that “Children cannot be made by keeping them happy, but they can be made happy by keeping therm good.”

The far most thing in developing and achieving the overall excellence of child certainly depends on the best curriculum, infrastructure and environment, but definitely it is the good approach,m full interest and complete dedication of the parents as well the teachers is of immense importance.

Bal Bharati is Co-educational English Medium School which aims at developing the full mental, spiritual, physical, and intellectual potential of each child with holistic education.

Basically here, education is not synonymous with textual literacy but is more akin to skill building.

Bal Bharatians are enlightened on the richness of traditional Indian values and ethos, by bringing to their knowledge how through perseverance, piety, prayer, and sacrifice the holy saints and eminent personalities have been achieving mammoth targets. Bal Bharatians are inculcated with a spirit of independence, initiative, self-reliance, due respect for seniors and elders.

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